Welcome to my range of handknitted knitwear and crochet. The 1ply knitted Shetland lace shawls  are light and warm to wear and make great gifts, and with care can even become heirlooms.  They are also known as Wedding Ring Shawls.

Please note only Shetland Shawls that are knitted using Shetland Wool are Shetland Shawls, they cannot be called Shetland Shawls when knitted in Acrylic, Merino Wool, or any other type of yarn.  This is from the Trading Standards Agency.

The shawls are custom made to order.

The Baby Shawl is knitted using Pure Shetland 1ply Wool and the colour is White.

The 1ply shawls (50 x 50 inch ) can also be used as ladies shawls for evening wear, Brides, or Bridesmaids. I knit the shawls using  pure wool.

The Shawls are washed and then stretched to size on a frame. 

The Shawl  will be posted in a  presentation box.  The washing instructions are also included.

I am a one-woman business so if a shawl etc. is needed for a special occasion, please let me know well in advance, or contact me to see if I have what you want in stock.

The 1ply  Shawls take about  4 - 8 weeks to knit .


I will soon be putting up some new items up on my website

Thank you for having a look at my website.

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